About the Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge 2018

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LATEST: Online bookings have now now closed. It will still be possible to register on Sunday at the Preston Park Velodrome.  We will be there between 7.00am and 6.45pm to take your registration for the Around the World Cycle Challenge or (until 9.45am) the Living Coast Rides.

This year BHT has teamed up with The Living Coast to create the Greater Brighton Cycling Challenge, comprising three exciting cycling experiences:

The BHT Around the World Cycle Challenge 2018

BHT’s Around the World Cycle Challenge 2018 is a family friendly event taking place the Preston Park Velodrome, the oldest in the country.

This extraordinary challenge starts at 7am and runs throughout the day, with cyclists aiming to reach the combined target of 69,215 laps (equating to cycling 40,075km around the world) in just 12 hours!

Laps can be completed in one session or over a number of sessions throughout the day and there are designated slots for families and club cyclists.

Click here for more details about BHT’s Around the World Cycle Challenge

The Living Coast Rides: Classic and Devil’s Dyke Loop

The Living Coast rides are more of a physical challenge, with rides of 30 and 58 miles through the world-class environment on our doorstep, recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Region.

The route of the Classic ride (58 miles) is very similar to last year Brighton Mayor’s ride. It is slightly longer due to starting and finishing in the velodrome at Preston Park and a few other minor tweaks we’ve had to make.

New for 2018, we’ve created a 30 mile ride (Devil’s Dyke Loop) for those less confident of managing 58 miles.

This heads over to Hangleton to take the Dyke Trail up to Devil’s Dyke before going down to Poynings and Fulking and joining the longer (Classic ride) near Woodmancote.

Click here for more details about the Living Coast Rides

A Bonus For the Brave!

After either of the Around The Living Coast rides, participants can also join BHT’s Around the World Cycle Challenge at the Preston Park Velodrome for no extra cost!

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