Background to Project

National LotteryThe following is background programme information from the National Lottery Community Fund about the Fulfilling Lives programme.

This Programme funds partnerships of local organisations to work together to improve services for people with multiple and complex needs. Around 60,000 people in England experience multiple and complex needs, defined here as exhibiting at least two of: homelessness, current/historical offending, problematic substance or alcohol misuse, and mental ill-health. This not only affects their lives, but leads to significant social and economic costs associated with a failure to effectively support them. Our ambition is that the Multiple Needs programme will be threefold:

  1. It will change lives. Individuals experiencing multiple needs will benefit through better established partnerships and networks which best support individuals.
  2. It will change systems. Evidence will be produced showing which elements of the programme are effective. Local and national decision-makers will be encouraged to review and adopt these elements where appropriate.
  3. It will involve beneficiaries. Both positive changes to individuals and system change will be underpinned by the collaborative, genuine and honest involvement of individuals with lived experience.

Click the links below for programme information documents from the National Lottery Community Fund

Multiple needs programme vision, milestones and legacy for the partnerships, partners and programme team (pdf)

Supporting people with multiple and complex needs (pdf)

Questions and Answers (pdf)