Learning and Impact

A key focus of the Fulfilling Lives initiative is on learning.


Fulfilling Lives South East has recently launched a blog with this in mind.

Blog site


To access our training modules click the video below:

Training Evaluation and Feedback

To access our written training resources, click the link below:

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General Learning

You can find out more about some of the local, national and collaborative learning to emerge from Fulfilling Lives at the links below.

National Learning

The Fulfilling Lives programme aims to achieve a lasting impact that can influence the way that services are commissioned and how networks operate in the future.

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Local Learning

In addition to the national learning that is being generated by the programme, local evaluations and research have been carried out by and for the Fulfilling Lives South East Partnership to gain further insights into the specific contexts we are working in.

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National Campaign

Staff, volunteers and beneficiaries from all 12 Fulfilling Lives projects have worked together to launch a national campaign, called #SeetheFullPicture.

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Collaborative Learning

Fulfilling Lives collaborates with many different partners to increase learning opportunities and deepen our knowledge and impact. Below is a selection of reports written with partners which provide valuable insight into our key themes.

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