National Campaign

Staff, volunteers and beneficiaries from all 12 Fulfilling Lives projects have worked together to launch a national campaign, called #SeetheFullPicture.

#SeetheFullPicture aims to raise awareness of the challenges people experiencing homelessness, addiction, poor mental health and other complex needs face in their lives. Our current campaign is a public petition for change, and focuses on barriers to accessing mental health support, specifically for people using substances.

Please visit the national campaign website. It is a great resource, bringing together true stories and videos from all of the Fulfilling Lives projects, as well as the latest campaign updates and actions. It also features a professionals’ area with the latest research from the programme on co-existing conditions.

The campaign organises an annual ‘Multiple Disadvantage Day’ on 3rd July. The video below gives a snapshot of the coordinated events held up and down the country for Multiple Disadvantage Day last year, and features the Fulfilling Lives South East team, and our amazing Living Library event!

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