Mechanisms for Change

Services and systems are made up of, and made by, people; and people can be inspired, educated, trained and convinced to work in a more humane, person-centred and enlightened way.

The challenge is how to influence practice positively in order to achieve lasting change. Through our direct work with clients and services, common themes have emerged which seem to be part of the solution. Our project is highlighting two key mechanisms for achieving positive change in practice:

  1. Co-production, and service user involvement in designing, delivering and commissioning services
  2. Developing trauma informed workforces

By modelling these approaches through the work of the project, developing the evidence base for each, and sharing and promoting their adoption across local services we aim to effect tangible change in service quality, accessibility and outcomes for people with the most complex needs.

You can read more about this in the Mechanisms for Change section of our Manifesto for Change.