Fundraising sweepstake competitions

Sweepstake competitions are easy to set up and a great opportunity to get your friends, family and colleagues involved in supporting BHT Sussex’s work. You could run a sweepstake for just about anything – a sporting event, the latest TV series you’re watching, or guess the name of the baby! The choice is yours and whatever you decide to do, your support will help transform the lives of vulnerable people across Sussex.

Charity sweepstake rules for success

  1. Decide the competition for your sweepstake. For example, guess the number of sweets in the jar, or the results of a popular television show or sporting event. You can use our sweepstake posters above to give you some ideas. If you are taking part in a sponsored event such as a run you can ask people to guess your time as a way to boost your fundraising.
  2. Set the price of each entry e.g. £3.
  3. Ask your family, friends or colleagues to make a donation for their entry.
  4. They can pick a possible result from a hat or you can give them one at random.
  5. Whoever guesses correctly wins a prize and the money raised from the entries will be donated to BHT Sussex.

Sweepstake guidelines

Sweepstake competitions can be a fun way to help raise money, but there are some basic rules that you will need to follow if you are planning on running your own sweepstake:

  1. The entry price must be the same for all participants.
  2. You need to decide before hosting your competition if the entry money will be split between the winner and the Charity, or if you are going to have a separate prize with all entry fees going to the Charity. Whichever approach you take, participants must be informed before they enter and the host cannot make a profit (i.e. funds will need to be donated).
  3. Office sweepstake competitions can only take place in one office with people on the same premises.
  4. You must not sell entry on the street or house to house.

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commission website,, or contact our Fundraising team at

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