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A Big Thank You to BHT’s Accommodation for Work and Move-on Projects

Helping to raise awareness of the Intern Programme amongst BHT clients is something that everyone can get involved in.

You could help promote the programme by telling your clients about it. I’m always happy to come along and talk to your clients. Move-on & Accommodation for Work projects organise volunteering information sessions for clients On Monday I was invited to an event organised by our Move on and Accommodation for Work projects.

Clients at this really well attended event were treated to refreshments provided by Dine! (amazing apple cake) and heard from speakers from the Wood Recycling Project (Christian) and Whitehawk Inn (Becs Butler). There was a lot of interest in the Intern Programme and four people from the event so far have submitted application forms.

A big thanks for Bernie, Mark, Lindsay and Domonique for the helping to promote the Intern Programme.

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