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Core Skills Assessments Provide Interns with Baseline and Targets for Skills Development

With the majority of our pilot group of Interns approaching the midway point in their six month work placement most have begun their first of two core skills assessments.

The assessments are carried out along with the Intern by their work-place mentor.

The Intern Programme’s training is based on a set of 23 core employability skills which have been identified as the key skills that UK employers look for when hiring new staff.

The initial assessment provides Interns with a baseline of where their core skills are. This baseline then acts as the starting point for individually tailored training and action plans which are implemented in the second half of the work-placement.

The final core skills assessment is completed towards the end of the placement and demonstrated the interns progression as well as acting as the basis of an end of placement report that can be shown to prospective employers as evidence of Interns achievements.

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