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Hastings Young Peoples Services Intern interview

I recently met up with Wayne, our Intern Peer Mentor at BHT’s Hastings Young People’s Service to see how he was getting on in his new role.

I asked him about the role and here’s what he had to say:

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What does being part of the Intern programme mean to you?

I have my own experiences of being in similar services, when I was younger, this is the type of work I want to do and I want to be able to use my experience to help others.

What do you hope to get out of the placement?

There are a number of things I want to get out of this. Obviously I’m looking for opportunities to increase my experience in the workplace as I think it will open up more opportunities for me but also I want a chance to show others, young people who are where I have been, whats possible, what you can achieve.

How has it been joining the team here?

From the  first day, I’ve felt welcomed and valued as part of the team. I’m treated no differently to anyone else. I think that’s important, it could be a daunting prospect, so feeling included, part of everything,  has really helped.

Are you enjoying your role?

 I love the role, I’d encourage anyone to give this a go, in a heartbeat.I’m pleased that my role grew out of volunteering, that I’d already been doing it made the transition pretty smooth for me, but I’ve also been well supported in making that transition. I feel that my skills as a volunteer have been recognised and acknowledged.

What do you think you can offer the service here?

I have a lot of experience and knowledge about using these types of services. I have a unique perspective that’s useful to the service. I’ve worked hard to gain skills and knowledge via the Princes Trust and have a qualification in Information support and guidance. I get the chance to use and develop those skills here.

How do you think you fit into the team here?

We are able to draw on each others knowledge, strengths and skills. It takes everyones skills working together to make the team what it is, it’s great that I am a part of that.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of this?

I’m on a route to personal progression, I want to work in this type of service in the future, this placement is a really important step towards that as I can gain skills and experience and show people, empolyers, what I can do. I am passionate about working with young people and this role is a step towards me achieving that goal.

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