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Latest updates from the Intern Programme Steering Group

The work of the Intern Programme is guided by a steering group made up of BHT staff from a number of different projects and departments, as well as one of our Interns and the Client Involvement Coordinator.

The Job of the steering group is to oversee the work of the Programme and assist in making decisions about the programme’s development.

Some of the things that were decided at our latest meeting:

  • 14 Projects selected for pilot roll-out.
  • focus of placements will be on Interns developing core competencies
  • Linking with University of Liverpool around identifying key employment skills to be included in internships
  • beginning mentor recruitment process
  • Programme publicity materials and promotion
  • planning the official launch

As the programme develops I’ll bring you updates from the steering group meetings and let you know about the different ways you can get involved in the programme development.

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