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Mid-Way Reviews Completed for Three Separate Intern Placements

This week saw three of our Interns from BHT’s Recovery Project, Phase One Project and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service reach the mid-way stage in their placements.

All Interns have made positive contributions to their respective services and have seen their confidence levels increase significantly as a result of their work experience.

The main aims of the mid-way placement review are to;

  1. Support Interns to gain the most from the placement by providing a formal opportunity to look at personal and professional development, training needs and future goals.
  2. Enable Interns to focus on their strengths and areas for development as highlighted by the programmes core competencies assessment, which will assist Interns in deciding on those areas they wish to develop further.
  3. Review achievements during the first half of the placement.
  4. Plan and set personal and professional development goals for the second half of the placement.
  5. Begin the process of preparing for the end of the placement.
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