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Paola Harper, On Being a Support 4 Housing Mentor

Is being an Intern mentor a good thing?

As a mentor I originally wanted to take on the role to give myself a new challenge and to take on some exciting new responsibilities and gain experience in staff training within BHT. It developed from there.

I have always felt that BHT has supported me to grow within my role and gain knowledge in lots of different areas and this is where I feel that I can help an Intern gain their experience.

Within Support4Housing we deal with a wide range of clients and our intern has the opportunity to meet and deal with our clients on a face to face basis and on the telephone.  This I feel will improve confidence, ensure a good knowledge of the structure of BHT and provide the Intern with a range of skills that will be useful in the future.  The role is highly varied and an enjoyable and worthwhile job.

I was keen to ensure that the intern programme treated the Intern as a full member of staff and not as a volunteer, which I feel is very different to an Intern.  In particular this is a six month placement that will be focusing on skills to enable and develop the intern to progress, as well as training and work experience to get back in to paid work.

I feel that Adam our Intern has fitted in well within the team and is gaining in confidence and is keen to learn and develop his skills.  This is proving to be the same for myself.  I have received invaluable training regarding supervision of Adam and believe the training is ensuring a development in my career and personal satisfaction within my role.

It has been great to see Adam progressing and gives me an awful lot of satisfaction on a personal and professional level.

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