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Sackville Gardens Intern Begins Her Placement Today

Miranda, our Intern on placement with BHT’s Sackville Gardens Project began her work placement today.

Miranda will be in the role of Client Activities Intern and brings a wealth of life experience to the role. She has completed the Intern induction training programme which is designed to support Interns in preparing to take up the work placement as well as providing an in depth introduction to working within BHT.

The programme recognises that for Interns the prospect of returning to the work place after in some cases a lengthy time away can be a daunting experience. That is why all interns are offered the opportunity of being accompanied to their first day on placement by the Programme’s Intern Coordinator.

Interns will have met the co-ordinator several times during the application and induction training phase of the programme and will act as a friendly and supportive aid on the first day.

Rob RobinsonIt was a pleasure to accomany Miranda on her first day on placement, to share her excitement and nerviousness. She has worked really hard so far and I’m confident that she will continue to grow in confidence and ability.

Rob Robinson, Intern Programme Coordinator

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