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Small Changes, Big Difference

Today I saw a small but wonderful example of how the Intern Programme is making positive changes to people’s lives.

As part of the programme, I run one-to-one training for Interns, and today was delivering an IT literacy session to Steve, one of our Interns. This session was one of a number that Steve has attended.

We were looking for some desk space and ended up,not for the first time, working out of BHT Chief Executive Andy Winter’s office.

At the end of the session Steve, who was looking pretty comfortable at the desk, told me that the first time we’d worked out of Andy’s office he hadn’t wanted to sit in the chair, and in fact he didn’t, he’d moved Andy’s chair and pulled up another.

When I asked him why he hadn’t wanted to he told me that  it didn’t feel right, like he wasn’t allowed, wasn’t supposed to be there.

I asked him how it felt today, sitting in the boss’s chair?

Smiling, he said: “feels alright Rob, not bad at all”.

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