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Ja’s story

Looking back over the last 50 years of BHT’s services, we’re focussing on the Route One Project which supports adults with mental ill health and complex needs. This is Ja’s story.

I have Bipolar One and when I came to the Route One Project I was in a state, having just moved out from a hostel for homeless people. The hostel did great work, but the environment was making my illness worse, resulting in me being admitted to hospital.

Route One Project accommodation

When Ja arrived at Route One Project, he was greeted by two key workers who would support him in his journey to independent living.

I learnt to gain transparency both ways. My first key workers at the house was pure mustard, and a couple of times I feel they pulled me back from serious harm to myself. The support from weekly key meetings helped. I felt my health was in good hands the more I progressed in the project.

Soon after, Ja was moved to another property within the project where he had more independence. He began changing many aspects of his life for the better. One of his main triggers was his ex-partner and lack of seeing his children, but with the tools provided by the staff at Route One he has re-established the relationship with respect and empathy.

I jumped milestones whilst at Route One. I started to like my old interests like making videos and adding them to my compositions.

Ja’s support worker helped him to increase his priority status for being rehoused, and in March 2018, he was offered a flat in Portslade on the same road he grew up on. His mental health is now stable and he is fully engaged in his recovery. He continues to have a positive relationship with his ex-partner and children, which is his top priority.

I am so thankful to BHT for picking me up and dusting me off, ready for the new chapter I am now in. What we have achieved in my time in the project has been champion. I say ‘we’ because that is what it has been – a team effort.

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