Operational Manager

Project: Pathfinder

Location: Burgess Hill

Reference Number: 1007

Hours per Week: 37

Salary: £32,152

Job Description

Salary: £32,152

Hours per week: 37

Job Summary

The post holder will be responsible for the operational management of the community mental health support services we have in West Sussex.

An exciting opportunity to join an incredibly innovative and supportive team! We are hiring an Operational Manager to oversee three inspiring mental health services in the Mid Sussex and Crawley areas. You will be responsible for the day-to-day running and development of Pathfinder, BeOk and our Emotional Wellbeing Service. Each service has a deputy manager or senior worker and dedicated recovery workers who deliver care and support. We need someone with a passion for mental health, the drive and focus to support the team and develop the services through coproduction with other organisations. 


West Sussex Community Mental Health Services

Pathfinder West Sussex is an alliance of voluntary sector organisations working together to enable people with mental health support needs, and their carers, to improve their mental health and wellbeing. The service is delivered in partnership with clinicians from Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and together we provide a network of mental health recovery support so people can move freely between alliance services to get well and stay well. As well as supporting people with their mental health, we help them to improve their physical health and wellbeing. We value the expertise of people with lived experience of mental health challenges and actively involve them to design, deliver and monitor our services.

Be OK runs alongside our Pathfinder Service and focuses on young people aged 16-21. The Emotional Wellbeing Service extends the Pathfinder service into GP surgeries

Management responsibilities will include operational implementation of all aspects of the support service delivery, including managing referrals, health and safety, maintenance, improving standards and performance, staff support and management, and partnership working.

Operational responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining key relationships between other organisations and services
  • Ensuring all aspects of contract delivery, including meeting or exceeding KPIs and other targets
  • Overseeing all aspects of Health and Safety
  • Completing internal and external reports
  • Overseeing all aspects of service finance, including budgets, management accounts, and reporting.
  • Delivering staff inductions, recruitment, support, supervision, reflection and appraisals.
  • Liaising effectively with statutory mental health services, including the coordination of joint support and risk planning
  • Maintaining and monitoring COVID-19 infection prevention measures

Responsible To

  • Senior Manager
  • Director of Mental Health Services
  • Through line management to the Board of Management

Responsible For

  • Deputy Managers
  • Senior Workers
  • Recovery Workers
  • Helpdesk Administrators
  • Mental Health Social Prescribers
  • All staff employed in the project as well as volunteers, interns and students on placement.

Significant Working Relationships:

  1. BHT Sussex staff
  2. Pathfinder West Sussex Alliance
  3. Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  4. Sussex Commissioning
  5. Statutory and voluntary organisations

Duties / Responsibilities

Delivery of service and project development:

  1. To oversee and ensure efficient and effective service delivery.
  2. To ensure that the best possible quality and standard of support is provided for residents, within a trauma-informed and psychologically-informed framework.
  3. To assist the senior manager in setting strategic direction for the service and assist in the implementation of service development and delivery of a programme of continual improvement.
  4. To manage relationships with clients, commissioners, stakeholders, and local agencies
  5. To be responsible for the management of office hours and ensure the service maintains adequate staffing levels.
  6. To influence, monitor and report on service performance targets.
  7. To assist with reporting on contract requirements to commissioners, partner agencies and regulatory authorities, including service reviews, and quarterly project reports.
  8. To liaise with relevant statutory and voluntary organisations, including the Pathfinder Alliance, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and other providers in the mental health sector.
  9. To be responsible for the health and safety of the service including that of clients, workers, office environment, condition of buildings and that of the wider community (neighbourhood /visitors).
  10. To be responsible for the review and development of policy and procedures within the service.
  11. To ensure the service delivers a responsive approach to crisis management.
  12. To ensure structures are in place to promote client involvement.
  13. To assist in the production of publicity material for the service and to ensure that the project maintains a high profile amongst other agencies and potential users of the service.
  14. To lead the team and service and to effectively manage change.

Staff Management:

  1. To be responsible for recruitment of staff for the service.
  2. To be responsible for the induction, supervision and training of all project staff.
  3. To undertake all line management responsibilities.
  4. To undertake conduct preventative meetings to ensure the wellbeing of staff, including reflective practice sessions and timely debriefs.
  5. To be responsible for managing staff performance and development, including disciplinary issues.
  6. To undertake annual staff appraisals.
  7. To facilitate opportunities for volunteers, Interns and student placements within the service and to provide appropriate supervision structures to support these.


  1. To ensure efficient administrative systems are maintained accurately which support financial accounting, and all areas of service delivery.
  2. To ensure that staff maintain detailed casework files on the client database, which fulfil all monitoring requirements.


  1. To ensure that the financial resources of the service are used efficiently and purposefully.
  2. To assist in the setting and monitoring of budgets.
  3. To authorise expenditure within the budget and in accordance with BHT’s financial procedures.


  1. To develop a close network of communications, co-operation, joint projects and skills exchange with other agencies in the community.
  2. To positively promote the work of the service and BHT through attendance at forums, and internal and external meetings.
  3. To ensure that the service delivers a responsive approach to crisis management and support intervention which may include the need for flexible working hours.
  4. To participate in a Management on call rota if needed.
  5. To undertake such other duties appropriate to the grade and character of the work as may reasonably be required, which will include taking on the duties of the Service Manager, in their absence.
  6. To oversee effective Infection Prevention Control measures

It is the duty and responsibility of each employee to familiarise and comply with, BHT Sussex’s health and safety policies and procedures.  You are responsible for taking care of yourself to avoid injury to yourself and other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work.  You will be required to co-operate with BHT Sussex and others in meeting statutory requirements.

For confidentiality and data security: whilst working for BHT Sussex you may gain knowledge of confidential matters which may include manual, electronic personal and medical information about our Board Members, Staff, clients, residents or third-party contacts. Such information must be considered strictly confidential and must only be used for the purpose for which it was obtained for. Failure to observe BHT Sussex’s GDPR & Data Protection policies and procedures could lead to disciplinary action. In addition, you must comply and handle personal data securely in accordance with BHT policies and procedures, including the IT Security Policy and Computer Use Policy.

Adherence to and ensure compliance with BHT Sussex’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedure at all times.  If, in the course of carrying out the duties of your role, you become aware of any actual or potential risk(s) to the safety or welfare of clients, these concerns must be reported to your line manager in the first instance.

Actively promote and live out BHT Sussex values of ‘Inspiring Change’; ‘Delivering Excellence’; ‘Empowering People’; ‘Being Accountable’ and ‘Collaboration’.

To assist with identifying and reviewing strategic risk, and to be responsible for the management of specific risks delegated to you from time to time.

No job description can cover every issue which may arise within the post at various times and the post holder is expected to carry out other duties from time to time which are broadly consistent with those in this document.


Closing date

Closing Date: Wednesday 20 July 2022 12.00pm

Interview Date: TBC

Application Pack

Job DetailsPerson Specification

Application form Criminal offences declaration formRecruitment monitoring form

How to apply

  1. Download and complete all the forms in the application pack.
  2. Attach all the completed documents to an email. The title of the email should read: (Your name): BHT job reference – (job reference number).
  3. Send your application to jobs@bht.org.uk
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