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Meet Frankie: a homeless young mother

Over the last five decades, we have helped thousands of people with complex needs secure accommodation. This is Frankie’s story, a homeless young mother whose journey to independence started at our Hastings Young People’s Service (HYPS).


Frankie had held a tenancy but due to a relationship breakdown she found it difficult to cope and was ultimately evicted. This left her homeless and socially isolated, and she was referred to HYPS in 2016. During her time there she engaged well with her key worker and was able to explore reasons for her isolation, history of self-harming and depression.

“I began to visualise what my future could look like, which helped me understand my needs and make a plan to move on.”

Soon after, Frankie started a new relationship which was viewed as being positive as it helped to her overcome her social anxieties. As her placement progressed, she discovered she was going to have a baby and a support package and suitable accommodation was put in place involving social services. However, Frankie was showing signs that she could not cope. The accommodation became untidy very quickly and she began to withdraw from the support on offer. After the birth of her baby, Frankie disclosed that the relationship with her partner had become abusive and they separated. The HYPS team supported her by obtaining provisions through a local food bank and liaised with the Benefits Office so she could have benefits reinstated.

“This acted as a watershed moment. I started looking after my home and making new friends. Without the support of HYPS there is a chance my baby could have been taken into care and I could have found myself, once again, homeless.”

Now, Frankie is progressing well and learning skills in independence and parenting. This year BHT will be supporting her in finding appropriate accommodation in social housing.

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