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2015 BHT Client & Tenant Survey Results Out Now

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The 2015 BHT client and tenant survey results are now available.

Key findings show that:
  • 82.5% of BHT tenants and clients were satisfied with that the service they are receiving from BHT is meeting their needs – a slight decrease on last year
  • 71% were satisfied with the overall condition of the home – a slight increase on last year
  • 64% were either satisfied or very satisfied with the way BHT deals with repairs – a slight increase on last year
  • 59% stated that they were satisfied with the level of communication they received when repairs and maintenance work is carried out – a decrease from last year

bht-survey-results-2015_W220Please click here or to your right to view the full report

Each BHT service has produced an action plan to improve areas of dissatisfaction and has responded to comments in local newsletters and briefings.

The response from BHT includes commitments to:
  • hold further research into why dissatisfaction is high with communication around repairs. We have implemented some local measures that will improve communication internally and from external contractors
  • continue to invest in our assets
  • improve monitoring of repairs performance and take remedial action where the service does not meet expectations
  • improve communication with tenants and clients
  • ensure training is carried out to support staff in using the “Outcome Star” tool so that client awareness is raised.
  • further develop client and tenant involvement including launching a new strategy in 2016
  • set up workshops on equalities, welfare reform and money advice for tenants and clients

BHT is delighted to see that satisfaction with our many services remains high.

However, as always there is work to be done to improve and we are working in partnership with our clients and tenants to make these improvements.

A big thank you to those who took part.

Jane Eyles, BHT Head of Housing Services

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