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Another Local Business Backs The Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge

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The Barclays Eagle Lab in Preston Circus, is backing BHT’s Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge on Sunday 1st July at Preston Park Velodrome, by producing 600 medals for its cyclists.

The Eagle Lab is investing in the future of the London road area of Brighton by supporting local businesses and helping them to innovate and grow.  They have a full range of support services and digital fabrication equipment including laser cutting, 3D printing, audio visual equipment, tools and co-working space and facilities.

To support homeless people to move off the streets please register for the challenge by visiting .  Or, if you are a local business that can support in anyway please email [email protected]

We are so grateful for the Barclays Eagle Labs’ support.  They have the equipment to produce medals that we can proudly present to participants of the cycle challenge.  It was lovely to visit their Lab and see the great work that they do, another organisation so close by, working collectively to benefit the community.

Event Co-ordinator at BHT, Shelley Reed

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