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Appeal for Art Resources for Homeless Men and Women

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BHT is appealing for donations of art materials for its day centre for homeless and insecurely housed men and women.

First Base Day Centre is asking supporters to donate art supplies so that an art group can be set up for clients wanting to express themselves through a range of artistic styles. The art group is being set up at the request of clients.

The group will be run by clients who have an interest in a variety of arts ranging from mosaics and sculptures to collages and portraits so all types of art supplies will be gratefully received.

Anyone wanting to make a donation of art materials of any kind to the day centre can do so by contacting Simon Hughes on 01273 326844.

We meet a lot of clients who are hugely talented in all styles of art but because they are living on the streets they do not have the time or the space to practice and enjoy them.

We have run art groups at First Base in the past and they have been really successful. Art provides a therapeutic outlet for people as well as building self-esteem, developing skills and building social networks.

Simon Hughes, BHT First Base Day Centre Manager

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