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Autumn Lighthouse Out Now

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The autumn newsletter for BHT Housing Services, ‘Lighthouse’ is out now and available in print and screen versions.

In this issue we have articles celebrating the winners on the BHT in Bloom gardening competition, highlighting Fire Safety tips for tenants, providing information about My Home contents insurance now available to tenants, introducing our new intern, an article on mushrooms and foraging; as well as regular features such as My BHT Story, how well Housing Services are performing and Benefits Corner news.

Click here to read the Autumn issue of Lighthouse

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We held the editorial panel meeting in Brighton. Tenants helped shape and improve the newsletter by providing ideas and feedback at the meeting, and one tenant contributed an article.

If you would like to join the tenants’ editorial panel or contribute articles, artwork or photos please get in touch.

Juliet O’Brien, BHT Tenant and Client Involvement Coordinator

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