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Because We All Have Mountains to Climb

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propellernet-logo_W204We all have needs and desires. From food, shelter and love through to career goals and personal achievement.

But how do these differ when you find yourself without anywhere to live?

We asked the people of Brighton what each stage of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs means to them, in contrast to Brighton & Hove’s homeless population:

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linda-video_W300We’re all trying to climb up this pyramid and achieve our goals, but for homeless people in Brighton, this can seem more like a mountain, and many struggle to get above base camp.

We want you to help homeless people overcome their mountains by sponsoring our friend, Linda Hubbard, who is climbing Mont Blanc to raise money for BHT.

Let’s help homeless people in Brighton to reach the summit of their own personal mountains:

Please click here to visit Linda’s JustGiving page and support her Mont Blanc climb

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