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BHT Advice Manager Talks About How to Thrive in Challenging Times

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Sue Hennell, East Sussex Advice Manager for BHT Sussex, delivered a presentation to 200 delegates on the 13th March on the growth of the organisation, changes that have been made and steps that have been taken to ensure BHT will continue to grow from strength to strength.

The theme of the conference, organised by the SpeakUp Forum, was ‘Bridging the Gap between Policy Reforms and Practice’.

Other speakers at the conference included Cllr Tony Freebody, East Sussex County Council, Becky Shaw, Chief Executive, East Sussex County Council, Katherine Atkinson, CEO of RAISE (South East) and Julie Eason, Partnership and Strategy Manager at East Sussex Advice Plus.

BHT East Sussex Advice offer specialist legal advice in housing and welfare benefits in Eastbourne and housing in Hastings.

Sue HennellIn 2009 BHT pre-empted the difficult times that are now upon us and had to make some tough decisions in order to prepare for the changing financial market.

As a result, we are now in a much stronger position and more confident to be able to survive the challenges that lie ahead.

There are exciting times ahead for BHT Sussex with a number of partnership projects in the planning, the development of BHT Enterprises Ltd, our social enterprise arm and the launch of the BHT Intern Programme, which will boost the chances of vulnerable people wanting to get back into work after, in some cases, many years on the margins of society.

Sue Hennell, BHT East Sussex Advice Services Manager

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