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BHT Advice Services’ Funding Success

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BHT has been awarded £70,000 to deliver specialist legal advice across East Sussex.

The Advice Services funding will employ two full time legal advisers to work across the BHT Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne Advice Centres for one year. The specialist advisers will offer legal advice on welfare benefits, debt and housing issues.

New employees will also recruit, train and supervise a team of volunteers, such as law students, to increase their capacity and the number of cases that can be seen. Local community and frontline organisations will also be trained by the advisers to provide general advice throughout East Sussex.

Training will be provided through a range of training sessions, workshops and a telephone and email consultancy service.

The Advice Services Fund is administered on behalf of the Government by the BIG Fund, the non-Lottery funding operation of the Big Lottery Fund.

We are really pleased to receive this funding. The mix of direct provision and capacity building will maximise the impact and value for money of specialist advice.

We anticipate that over 700 additional service users will avoid homelessness and the worst negative effects of debt and poverty as the welfare reforms begin to take hold.

John Holmström, BHT Assistant Chief Executive

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