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BHT Choir Sing Their Way to Recovery

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Clients from two BHT women’s services have formed a choir to help women feel less isolated and begin to feel more confident to move forward with their lives.

The choir was formed by women who use BHT’s Threshold and Route One services.

The choir sang for the first time at Christmas and received such positive feedback that they agreed to sing at an International Women’s Day event last week.

Friendships have been strengthened and new bonds formed in the knowledge of what has united us.

When I was asked if I would be interested in doing something for International Women’s Day, I know I am speaking for everyone when I say it seemed an obvious choice to come together again and participate.

The song we sang sums up perfectly this feeling of new-found hope and strength in unity, just as Threshold promotes the ever-important notion ‘A problem shared’.

Singing is the best medicine… laughing is infectious… and we’ve certainly got the fever now.

Inga Tarn Lawson, BHT Choir singer

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