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BHT Housing Services Shortlisted for Award

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hall-and-woodhouse-logo_W300BHT Housing Services have been short-listed for the Hall and Woodhouse Community Chest Award

The service recently applied for a £3,000 grant to help tenants start their new life and maintain tenancies.

If they win the grant will provide duvet sets, crockery and cutlery, encouraging tenants to value their own home and have the tools to cook healthily on a budget.

Funds will also go towards printing costs for a practical self-help affordability tool which will help tenants to fully understand their outgoings with tips on saving money on bills.

Many of our new tenants are at crisis point when they are first housed. Our rents are amongst the lowest in these high rent areas. We provide an affordability check but despite this 35% abandon their properties due to financial difficulties.

New previously homeless tenants living in Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne will benefit significantly from the project.

Juliet O’Brien, BHT Client and Tenant Involvement Coordinator

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