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BHT Joins Your Vote Matters Campaign

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BHT has joined the ‘ Your Vote Matters ’ campaign to encourage homeless and insecurely housed people to vote ahead of the general election next year.

We have joined the campaign to encourage their clients to use their vote on Election Day. The campaign, run by Homeless Link and supported by the Hansard Society, will introduce people to campaigning and help them to see the importance of their vote.

Research has shown that people who are homeless or in temporary accommodation and residents of social housing, are less likely to vote and as a result their views and opinions are under-represented.

BHT’s First Base Day Centre will be supporting the campaign by offering two workshops to its clients. The workshops will provide further detail about the campaign as well as providing a range of activities to encourage clients to engage in the political process and use their vote on Election Day.

In the 2010 general election, just 55% of social housing residents voted, people in temporary accommodation and those who are street homeless are hugely under-represented at the ballot box.

With the voter registration process changing to ‘Individual Electoral Registration’ this summer, BHT has signed up to the ‘Your Vote Matters’ campaign to help people participate in the democratic process.

Nikki Homewood, BHT Executive Director

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