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BHT Launches Christmas Appeal

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BHT has launched its annual Christmas Appeal for First Base Day Centre with the publication of a disturbing film about the invisibility of homeless people.

The film, produced at no cost to BHT by local film company Big Egg Films, captures the invisibility, loneliness and sadness experienced by rough sleepers, particularly at Christmas.

Click here to view BHT’s CHristmas Campaign film

To donate to BHT’s Christmas Campaign:

Donations can be made by cheque payable to Brighton Housing Trust and sent to Andy Winter, BHT, 144 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4PH, or:

Click here to donate online via JustGiving

This year we have had a big focus on women and homelessness.  The report we published in the autumn written by Cathy Bunker, quoted Jo, a rough sleeper, who said ‘Everyone’s looking but they are not looking at you, they’re looking through you like you’re not there.’

We aim to make Christmas a little bit more bearable for those with nowhere to call home.  But rough sleeping isn’t just about Christmas, and the funds we raise at this time of the year helps us to work with people living on the streets throughout the year.

Last year many people who could afford it donated their Winter Fuel Allowance to BHT.  That made a huge difference and where we can we claim Gift Aid which increases the amount we receive by 25%.

We would like to thank all at Big Egg Films, who donated the film at no cost to BHT, for being so generous with their time and expertise.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive

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