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BHT Launches Radical New Approach to Client Involvement

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BHT is preparing to launch a new and radical approach to client involvement next week at its annual client involvement event in Brighton.

The Client Hub, hosted on the new BHT website which will be launched next week, is a client led initiative informing people of client involvement opportunities at BHT and within the wider community.

The Client Hub will make client involvement opportunities more accessible to every BHT client helping them to gain the confidence and skills they need to make progress in their lives.

The site will promote opportunities for BHT clients to get involved in a range of activities such as intern placements, advisory roles, gardening initiatives and peer support. Clients will also be able to share their views and discuss their experiences by uploading comments, photos and videos.

The Client Hub will inform people of community engagement projects across Brighton and Hove and East Sussex.

The Client Hub will be officially launched at the Client Involvement Fair at the Brighthelm Centre on November 1st

The Client Hub comes from feedback from BHT clients and staff which told me that client involvement needed to evolve.

At BHT we believe that clients are experts by experience and it is because of this that they are central to everything we do.

The Client Hub will be run by clients and will create on-line access to involvement opportunities.

There are so many things for clients to get involved in at BHT and the Client Hub puts all of this information in one place and makes it accessible and interactive.

Andrea Horwood, BHT Client Involvement Co-ordinator

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