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BHT Manager Warns of E-cigarette Fire Hazard

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ecigs-fire-hazard_W300A BHT Project Manager has warned of the risk of fire if e-cigarettes are not charged using the correct charger.

April Baker, the manager of BHT’s Archway Project, gave the warning after a small fire in one of BHT’s projects. The building was evacuated and the fire was quickly extinguished.

There were no injuries and minimal damage due to stringent fire safety arrangements in the home.

An e-cigarette that was left on charge overheated. The person was using an iPhone plug to charge the product and due to this not being the correct charger it did not cut out when the product was fully charged.

The Fire Brigade has advised us to check with all clients that they use the chargers that come with the e-cigarette and also to not leave them on charge overnight or if they are going out.

We have issued a warning to all BHT services and want to use this incident to alert others beyond the organisation of this risk.

April Baker, Operational Manager, BHT Archway Project

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