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BHT Peer Support Volunteers Thanked

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Peer Support Volunteers at BHT’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Service were thanked by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Pete West, for their time, commitment and dedication.

15 Peer Support Volunteers lead groups, activities and workshops for men and women experiencing mental health challenges and additional support needs.  They offer clients of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service two weekly peer support drop-ins plus workshops including assertiveness and identity, winter wellbeing, drama, writing, resilience, parenting and story sharing.

The volunteers are fully supported within the service, with regular supervision and additional training. After volunteering, individuals have gone into fields such as support work, youth work, teaching and counselling.

Peer Support Volunteers are an integral part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service. Without them, we would be unable to offer the range of activities that we do.

The fact that these volunteers have overcome their own challenges regarding their wellbeing makes the groups they lead more authentic, and inspires hope in the clients who attend.

Lorena Barroeta, BHT Wellbeing Peer Support Coordinator

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