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BHT Receives Funding for First Base First Impressions Project

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BIG Lottery logoBHT has been awarded £294,570 by the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund, to deliver a project to help homeless men and women to enter vocational training and education opportunities, working towards securing employment.

The First Base First Impressions Project will work with homeless and insecurely housed men and women in Brighton and Hove to address the barriers preventing them from working and moving forward with their lives.

firstbasefascia02_W300The project will work with people who have successfully engaged in informal non-vocational activities such as arts groups, life skills courses and group activities at First Base Day Centre and will support them to move on to formal activities such as CV preparation and vocational training.

Participants will begin to work towards qualifications and experiences such as accredited food hygiene certificates, formal sports coaching training, painting and decorating training and work placements.

The First Impressions Project will be delivered over four years and will employ two full- time workers.

For more information please contact Nikki Homewood on 07919 484616

nikkihomewood_W100The First Impressions Project will also provide access to services such as dentistry, clothing and hairdressing to address personal barriers that also prevent participants from seeking and securing employment.

We know from our experience of working with homeless men and women, and through consultations, that homeless people are more likely to have a number of barriers to employment, rather than one in isolation.

Targeted work, with the development of individual vocational action plans, will assess and address each of these barriers to employment and, in time, enable clients to move forward with their lives.

Nikki Homewood, BHT Executive Director

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