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BHT Receives Funding to End Rough Sleeping

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BHT, CRI and Brighton and Hove City Council have been awarded £248,000 by the Government’s Homeless Transition Fund.

The joint service will be known as the Brighton and Hove Transition Team and will work in partnership in the city to ensure nobody is forced to sleep on the streets for more than one night.

The grant is part of an £8 million pot that is funding 41 projects across the UK aiming to prevent people from living on the streets and prevent long term rough sleeping.

Administered by the umbrella organisation Homeless Link, the fund received 190 applications from a range of different charities, all looking to protect key homelessness services.

The Brighton and Hove Homelessness Transition Team will be working to significantly reduce rough sleeping in the City by moving rough sleepers quickly off the streets and into accommodation through the provision of a dedicated ‘No Second Night Out Worker’.

The team will also work to prevent long term repeat rough sleeping through the provision of new, specialist interventions. These targeted interventions will tackle the highly complex needs of a number of those in the city who, despite existing service provision, remain in a cycle of long term rough sleeping.

When economic times are tough, protecting the most vulnerable in society becomes even more important. That’s why we have dedicated £8 million to extend No Second Night Out outside the capital and make sure that anyone who finds themselves on the streets quickly gets the help they need.

I’m delighted that vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove have £248,000 of extra help to make sure that they will never need to spend more than one night sleeping rough. A safe, warm place to stay is something that everyone should be able to rely on.

Grant Shapps, Housing Minister

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