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BHT Recieves Funding for Sexual Health Project

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BHT has been awarded funding to continue to deliver its sexual health programme for homeless men and women.

The NHS Brighton and Hove funded project delivers a wide range of services from hepatitis B testing and health screening to a sexual health drop in, cervical screening promotion and events to raise awareness throughout the year.

Called PASH (Promotion, Awareness and Support on Sexual Health) the project also delivers training to members of staff who work in the sector to ensure that sexual health amongst the client group is addressed proactively and not treated as a taboo subject.

For more information on the project and the services it provides please contact Owen Polley on 01273 326844 or follow his work on Twitter

I am really pleased that we have secured on-going funding for the service. The project has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and has been instrumental in putting sexual health for homeless and insecurely housed men and women onto the agenda.

Last year PASH worked with over 300 clients at the sexual health drop in, supported 60 people to get sexual health screening and treatment, and trained 64 members of staff to support clients around sexual health issues. I am looking forward to working with more people this year and building on this success.

Owen Polley, PASH Project Coordinator

Being awarded this funding has confirmed how important and successful the project is. In addition to being based at First Base, Owen does drop in sessions at hostels, allowing him to reach a larger number of clients in the City.

Research has shown that homeless and insecurely housed men and women have increased barriers to accessing advice, screening and treatment, so this work is of the utmost importance and is helping to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Simon Hughes, BHT First Base Operational Manager

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