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BHT Staff Set Example for Go Green Week

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go-green-week-bht-logo_W300This week is ‘Go Green Week’, and with BHT staff already very aware of green issues, we are doing a great deal to protect the environment.

Examples of BHT good practice carried out not just this week, but throughout the year include:

  • turning off computers when not in use and at the end of the day
  • reducing paper usage by printing on both sides and only printing when absolutely necessary
  • turning off lights when rooms are not in use
  • using eco-friendly light bulbs
  • using non disposable kitchen supplies, such as coffee mugs and glasses instead of plastic or paper
  • ensuring our re-cycling areas are visible, labelled well and promoted to staff
  • encouraging staff and visitors to recycle their cans, bottles and paper
  • where possible, using public transport or car pools, walking or cycling to work, this week and throughout the year

These not only help the environment, but often saves us money, which can be used to provide quality and diversity of services for our clients.

Are you doing something extra special this week to protect the environment?

BHT is always open to any ideas that help us to improve this area of our social responsibility.

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