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BHT Supports National Walking Month Campaign

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National-Walking-Month-2016_W300To encourage clients, tenants and staff to become more active BHT’s Route One project has organised a walk for May’s National Walking Month.

Services across BHT have been invited to join a five mile walk to the Downs via Devil’s Dyke and Foredown.

Route One supports 53 adults with mental health and other complex issues living in supported accommodation. Client Rep, Mik Jennison, has set up regular walks over the past year covering a total of 200 miles to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, such as Ditchling Beacon, The Blackcap Nature Reserve, Castle Hill Nature Reserve, Henfield and Lancing Ring.

The service has found that a group of clients engaging in a walk is one of the healthiest recovery aids, both mentally and physically.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or simply clear your head and get out into nature, we’ve found that a good walk delivers almost immediate rewards.

Alasdair Tenquist, Client Involvement Lead at Route One

I’m an outdoorsy kind of person.

I find it helps me to feel less claustrophobic and gives me some relief in my head. My world begins to expand when I step on those country paths.

Mik Jennison, organiser of the walking group and Client Rep

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