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BHT Threshold Celebrates International Women’s Day

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BHT’s Threshold Service is celebrating International Women’s Day at the Brighton Dome this Saturday.

The service is hosting a stall at the Brighton Dome’s annual International Women’s Day celebration on Saturday 4 March, where they are promoting Threshold’s services and distributing an amateur publication of artwork completed in their drop-ins which celebrates women’s wellbeing.

International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

We know that there are many women in the local community who are challenged with dealing with issues such as abuse, violence, post-natal depression and trauma.

We believe a  women’s wellbeing is vital and as a service we attend events like this to ensure people know that women’s voices are heard. We offer one to one maternal mental health counselling; drop ins, wellbeing groups and workshops and much more.

Melanie Barnard, BHT Threshold Women’s Services Manager

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