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BHT’s Amazon Wish List Needs Donations

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A small contribution can make a huge difference. BHT’s First Base Day Centre staff are asking people to make a small donation to help its clients prevent sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration this summer.

Summer can bring particular challenges for those in our communities sleeping on the streets. Being out in the blazing heat without adequate clothing and sun protection puts our clients at high risk of sunburn, heat stroke and dehydration. You can help by supporting the First Base Amazon Wish list.

BHT’s First Base Day Centre needs a constant supply of boxers and socks, so that our clients feel the full benefit of the existing shower facilities.

This isn’t the most glamorous or obvious way to help the homeless community, but having a fresh change of underwear after a shower makes a huge difference to an individual’s  wellbeing, not to mention the practical need for such items for job interviews and medical appointments. We also need sun creams and sun hats to adequately equip our clients for the current heat wave.

If you could support our clients by purchasing an item from our wish list they will be one step closer to moving away from homelessness.

Please click here to visit BHT’s Amazon wish list and make a contribution

If you happen to have any spare sun creams lying around at home, you can always drop them in to First Base Day Centre or to our head office at 144 London Road.

Thanks you so much for all your help and support. It truly makes a difference.

BHT’s First Base Day Centre is based in Brighton and offers a range of services to support people sleeping rough in the city. As well as access to on site healthcare and assistance to find housing and work, the service also provides nutritious food and hot showers.

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