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BHT’s Ultimate Brighton to Paris Cycle Ride Success

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The BHT ultimate Brighton to Paris cycle ride this weekend has been hailed as a huge success.

The team of seven cyclists set out on the ultimate cycle ride from Brighton to Paris in one day to raise money for BHT’s First Base Day Centre. The team cycled the 120 mile route from dawn to dusk on the longest day of the year, passing through the scenic Seine Valley and onto the Eiffel Tower by nightfall.

All seven cyclists made it across the finish line before the sun set with smiles on their faces and feeling a huge sense of achievement.

The team have so far raised over £5,000 for BHT’s First Base Day Centre which provides food, hot showers, laundry, free IT, medical appointments, housing referrals and work related training opportunities to people in Brighton and Hove who have become homeless or are rough sleeping.

You can make a donation to First Base Day Centre by texting TBHT 14 £5 to 70070

The cycle ride was probably the hardest physical challenge I’ve undertaken – and I’ve done the London Marathon twice.

It was an incredible experience. I both loved it and hated it. When I arrived in Paris I hated our tandem, and was never going to cycle again.  Now I’m beginning to wonder if I could do it again, but on my solo bike. However I’m involved, you can be sure I will be part of it again.

The camaraderie with other riders was wonderful. Liz Davies had thought of everything and John and Jo were such support at the checkpoints. It was truly a magical experience.

Frances, BHT Ultimate Cycle Challenge Fundraiser

From my view point the outstanding point was the organisation. To provide, check points, water, maps and then meet everyone in Paris was brilliant. It was so nice to arrive after a personal challenge and see familiar welcoming faces at the end.

If anyone is nervous about trying this next year, BHT’s organisation and planning was really comforting. Normally after these types of events, I would not even consider doing it again, but the BHT ultimate challenge left me wanting more.

My highlight had to be taking a 15 minute Power-Nap on a grassy bank while the warm breeze cooled us in the afternoon heat. (Don’t tell Liz!) The downside – Having to wait 363 days for the next one!

Nigel, BHT Ultimate Cycle Challenge Fundraiser

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