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Big Lottery Fund Award BHT £9.2 million to Improve Services for Local People

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BHT have been awarded £9.2 million by the Big Lottery Fund to enhance and improve services across East Sussex for people with multiple and complex needs.

The Fulfilling Lives: Supporting people with multiple needs initiative aims to bring together organisations that tackle the issues of homelessness, mental ill health, addiction and offending to improve the stability, confidence and capability of people who are affected by some or all of these issues, and to enable them to lead better lives.

Four key areas have been identified as the focus of the programme:  improving service delivery, ensuring flexibility, ensuring involvement from service beneficiaries, and sharing learning.

The eight year programme will create better systems and services across Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings to meet the needs of this target group.

We led the bid on behalf of the South East Regional Partnership consisting of twelve core partners from local authorities and the charity sector, service users, and sixty other partners, and will now be responsible for delivering the programme between 2014 and 2022.

Nikki HomewoodThis funding from the Big Lottery Fund will enable a network of agencies across Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings to work together with service users, maximising their collective knowledge and skills, to develop new ways of working with people with the most complex needs.  The South East Regional Partnership will focus on those people who, due to the complexity of their multiple needs, are unable to access existing services well, or at all.

New ways of working and the learning gained from this, will achieve long-lasting improvements to individuals’ lives and services, and how resources are spent. People who use services will have greater involvement in the planning and delivery of the services they receive. We are confident that our project will be instrumental in bringing about both positive outcomes for some of society’s most vulnerable men and women, and significant systems change to ensure the programme’s legacy lives on long after the end of the 8 years.

Nikki Homewood, BHT Executive Director of Homelessness and Complex Needs

Tens of thousands of people are passed from pillar to post with many inevitably leading chaotic lives – rebounding in and out of A & E departments and criminal courts rather than being helped by integrated support services. This £112 million investment will allow people to become assets rather than drains on society and go on to lead fulfilling lives benefitting their communities and society as a whole.

Nat Sloane, Big Lottery Fund England Chair

I’m involved with services in East Sussex for people experiencing homelessness, reoffending, substance misuse and mental ill health every day. Most of the time, these services help most of their clients really well. And sometimes – often for people with the most complex needs – something else is needed. A different approach. A new way of working. Perhaps more flexibility. Perhaps better integration, or some other additional support.

The Big Lottery Fund Fulfilling Lives programme is a fantastic opportunity to try new things. I’m excited about the potential for people in Eastbourne and Hastings. Local organisations are leading an ambitious programme to learn more about helping people with multiple and complex needs to get the right support. The people who benefit will be at the core of what we do. Local commissioners are committed to sustaining the benefits of the programme. What we learn will inform and influence our future commissioning plans as we develop services for local people.

Jason Mahoney, Programme Manager – Joint Commissioning at East Sussex County Council (one of the core partners)

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