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Breakfast With The Mayor at First Base Day Centre

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BHT opened its doors to the public on Saturday for breakfast with the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Cllr Brian Fitch.

BHT’s First Base Day Centre offered an exclusive insight into one of its busiest projects that works with 80 to 100 homeless, insecurely housed and vulnerable men and women every day.

Visitors took the chance to see and explore the recently renovated, grade II listed building that is packed full of history and learn about the vital work that is done there.

As people arrived at First Base, they were given a tour and then offered a breakfast with the opportunity to talk with the Mayor, Cllr Brian Fitch, who has chosen BHT, alongside the Martlets and the Argus Appeal, as one of his chosen charities for the year.

This was a rare opportunity to come along to First Base and see all the incredible work that is done there every day.

Visitors gained an insight into homelessness as well as enjoying a moving exhibition of artwork and photography created by clients from the day centre.

People left First Base with an understanding of homelessness in the city and how the day centre is working with people to help them to move on from homelessness towards more positive futures.

Liz Davies, BHT Fundraising Officer

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