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Brighton and Hove Mayor Visits BHT’s Immigration Advice Centre

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The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Cllr Pete West, visited BHT’s Immigration Legal Service on Monday 30 January, accompanied by his Chaplain, Revd. Anthea Ballam, to learn about the work of the service.

Cllr West heard that last year the service worked with 184 people, with the majority under the age of 25. 30 were under the age of 16.

Many have fled from the war in Syria, with others coming from Afghanistan and other areas of conflict.

I was aware that BHT ran its Immigration Legal Service but until you hear about the experiences of people who are the victims of war, and the desperate measures taken to get asylum in a safe country, you cannot appreciate how lucky we are in the United Kingdom to live in peace.

Cllr Pete West

As the Chaplain to the Mayor, and Secretary of the Interfaith Contact Group of Brighton and Hove, I am privileged to meet and speak to many people doing extraordinary work throughout the City. Visiting the Immigration Legal Service has made a deep impression on me.

Revd. Anthea Ballam

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