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Brighton Art Yard Sale Raises £500 for BHT

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brighton-art-yard-sale-poster2016_W220Artists and art lovers hosting an art yard sale have recently raised £500 for BHT’s First Base Day Centre.

The Art Yard Sale took place on Sunday 5 June in Jubilee Square, Brighton, and was hosted by artrepublic. This year’s Yard Sale was the second of its kind and had almost doubled in size, featuring 27 local and international artists.

The proceeds from the event poster, designed by local artists Bonnie and Clyde, were donated to BHT’s First Base Day Centre.

A big thank you to the many hundreds who came to the 2016 Art Yard Sale and snapped up the unique works available. BHT are especially grateful to all the artists whose stunning creations made the event such a great success.

Many of the artists who took part in the Art Yard Sale started out as street artists, often taking to the streets after dark to create work in public spaces. All of them at some point have come into contact with homeless or rough sleepers and appreciate how tough it is. It seems to be a worsening problem and they wanted to do something to help.”

Lindsay Alkin, artrepublic Event Organiser

It’s fantastic to have the support of the local art community; a big thank you to all who bought the event poster.

The funds will be used to buy provisions for First Base Day Centre on Montpelier Road – a safe place for people who are homeless or rough sleeping to shower, receive medical checks, cooked meals and access to support to help them get back on their feet.

Many of the services we provide rely on public support so the donation is very much appreciated.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive.

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