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Brighton & Hove Mayor Visits BHT’s Advice Centre

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The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Bill Randall has visited Brighton Housing Trust’s Advice Centre in Queens Road.

Councillor Randall met staff who provide housing, welfare benefit, debt and immigration advice and representation. Last year the Advice Centre worked with 3,912 men and women.

In 2011/12, because of the work of the Advice Centre, homelessness was prevented or accommodation found in 1,531 cases.

BHT’s Advice Centre makes a huge contribution to meeting many of the City Council’s strategic priorities including the prevention of homelessness and rough sleeping, reducing inequality through helping clients out of poverty, and achieving community cohesion through immigration advice helping families achieve stability and live together.

Most distressing is to hear about the trafficked children brought here for domestic service or prostitution. Some are as young as 13. Often these children are referred to as ‘young people’. In reality they are children and need our protection.

Councillor Bill Randall, the Mayor of Brighton & Hove

The Advice Centre prevented homelessness in 70% of cases. This represents a huge financial saving for the local authority but more importantly there are fewer people sleeping on the streets and fewer people in temporary accommodation.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive

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