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Cathy Come Home In Special Screening at Duke of York’s Cinema

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cathy-come-homeCathy Come Home, an historically important film about homelessness in Britain, will be shown at a special screening at the Duke of York’s Cinema to raise funds for BHT’s Brighton Advice Centre.

Being screened as part of World Homelessness Day, ‘Cathy Come Home’ tells the desperate tale of a woman who loses her home, husband and eventually her children through the inflexibility of the British 1960s welfare system.

A bleak picture is painted of mid-sixties London, and though realistic the viewer cannot but realise that a political point is being made.

The film, directed by Ken Loach, was first screened as ‘The Wednesday Play’ on BBC One in 1966.

This special screening will take place at the Duke of York’s Cinema at 6.30pm on Monday 10 October.

BHT’s First Base Day Centre works with the visible homeless – those sleeping on the streets now. The Brighton Advice Centre works with people who are invisible,  who you wouldn’t notice, but who are facing homelessness and major disruption to their lives and those of their children.

Our Advice Centre prevents several hundred households from becoming homeless each year.  Each case of homelessness we prevent saves the local authority £16,000.

Through our Court Duty Scheme, a service not available to Cathy, we had a 93% success rate over the last year in preventing homelessness for at least 28 days and usually for ever.

Events such as this screening are so important for the future of our Advice Centre.  We receive invaluable funding from Brighton and Hove City Council and the Legal Aid Agency, but BHT still has to invest £200,000 each year into supporting our advice centres in Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings. I dread to think of the consequences if these advice services were not there.

Advice services prevent homelessness, and without them the invisible people we work with would soon become the visible homeless living on our streets.

Nikki Homewood, BHT Director of Advice and Support Services

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