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Christopher Bennett in One Final Marathon for BHT

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Christopher Bennett has run several marathons over the years and will take on one final challenge for BHT.

Christopher will be running the Virgin London Marathon on the 22nd April to raise money for BHT and says that this marathon will be his last.

Anyone that would like to support Christopher to reach his fundraising target can do so at his JustGiving page. You can also follow his rigorous training schedule on Twitter

I have really enjoyed running marathons over the years but they are without a doubt a huge commitment and take over every aspect of your life in the run up to each big day.

It feels like the perfect way to end my marathon career by raising money for BHT. I have been a supporter of the charity for many years and feel very passionate about the work that they do and the people that they support.

My fundraising target is £1,000 but if I can exceed this target I will be really pleased. Times are tough at the moment and BHT is busier than ever so the more I can raise the better.

Christopher Bennett

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