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Donation Helps BHT EHAP Client Move On From Homelessness

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The Eastbourne Housing Access Project (EHAP), a project supporting homeless people to find and maintain accommodation in the private rented sector, has gone the extra mile with the help of a building company to support a BHT client move on from homelessness.

EHAP, A BHT Sussex service, works with people to develop the skills they need to find and maintain accommodation in the private rented sector.

Mark came to see the EHAP team when he found himself homeless. The EHAP team worked with him to teach him all the skills he would need to find and maintain a tenancy and soon Mark had a portfolio of skills that he could present to potential landlords.

Mark soon found a place to call home and then found a job working as an air conditioning engineer. He believed a job would prevent him from becoming homeless again but the job required him to have his own protective boots which he didn’t have and couldn’t afford.

The EHAP team tweeted about Mark and Parker Building Supplies got in touch to donate a new pair of boots so that he was able to start his job. The EHAP, a Big Lottery funded project was launched in August 2013 and since it started has supported 35 homeless or insecurely housed men and women to secure accommodation in the private rented sector.

The service works with both tenants and landlords to ensure positive tenancies for both parties. For more information please contact Zoe Burns on 01323 340122

We can’t thank Parker Building Supplies enough for their generous donation. without the boots Mark couldn’t start his job and we were worried that he might not be able to take the job without them.

Having a job moves Mark one step further away from homelessness and towards a more positive future so thank you Parker Building Supplies for helping to make that happen.

Zoe Burns, EHAP Team Leader

We first heard that Mark was in need of a pair of boots when one of our suppliers tweeted us. I rang our Eastbourne branch up on Moy Avenue to ask if we had a pair in his size and within 30 minutes they were picked up.

Parker Building Supplies are just happy that we could help and wish Mark future success in his new job.

Jamie Pearce, Parker Building Supplies

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