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East Sussex Credit Union to Improve Financial Wellbeing With BHT

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BHT is launching a new Workplace Savings Scheme in partnership with East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) as part of its focus on the wellbeing of staff and volunteers.

Andy Winter, Chief Executive of BHT, was the first to join the credit union as part of the scheme and has become member 10,000 of the East Sussex Credit Union. He has committed to saving into his account every month and hopes many of the BHT staff and volunteers will do the same.

As well as savings and loans, ESCU offer other services to its members including Engage prepaid VISA card, and a Workplace Savings Scheme, with many local employers. Savers’ money is fully protected by the Financial Services Authority. East Sussex Credit Union is a key partner in the local campaign against loan sharks and any profits made go back to the community through their members.

Offering a Workplace Savings Scheme is a great staff perk and it gives employers the opportunity to help their staff and volunteers plan and improve their financial wellbeing as they can build up savings or repay loans with the credit union through their work’s payroll.

Andy Winter, BHT Chief Executive

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