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Eastbourne Gallery Becomes a Friend of BHT

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Francis Perry, a gallery supporting artists and crafts people in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas, has become the first Eastbourne-based business to become a ‘Friend of BHT’.

The Friends of BHT scheme sees local businesses and individuals supporting the work of BHT.

If you would like to become a Friend of BHT or would like more information about the scheme then please contact Jo Berry on 01273 645464

We are delighted to become the first business in Eastbourne to become a Friend of BHT. Both Jill Francis and I have been long-term supporters of the work of this charity, so it is a natural extension of this support to become a Friend of BHT.

We are also delighted that BHT is locating its newest service in Eastbourne, in Susan’s Road where the Francis Perry Gallery is located. Our decision to locate our gallery in Eastbourne, and BHT’s decision to base its service here as well, are votes of confidence in the town and its economy.

Philip Perry, Francis Perry gallery based in Susan’s Road, Eastbourne

In the current climate fundraising is more challenging than ever and we are looking of ways to diversify our income. At BHT we have always relied heavily on funding from trusts and grants but we realise that we need to adapt our fundraising strategy to include other sources of income.

The ‘Friends of BHT’ scheme is a unique way of fundraising because it allows each business to benefit from supporting us. Corporate Social Responsibility has become an essential part of any business and more and more consumers are looking for ethically minded companies that they feel they can trust. Not only will partaking companies be recognised for supporting BHT, they will receive a promotion package from us that will help to move their business forward.

Jo Berry, BHT Fundraising Manager

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