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Home Grown Help and Freakzone Raise Over £250 for BHT

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Freakzone-BHT-fundraiser_W220Musicians playing at the Home Grown Help and Freakzone events have raised over £250 for BHT’s First Base Day Centre.

BHT are extremely grateful to all of the musicians who took part at the Home Grown Help gig on 25 May, and to another three bands who played at the FreakZone event on 4 June at The Cowley Club, Brighton.

The money will go towards a range of services to support people who are sleeping rough or insecurely housed in the city, to get off the streets, start realising their aspirations through work, learning and leisure and find a place they can call home.

I have witnessed the struggles and hardships of Brighton’s rough sleepers, young and old. I have been supported throughout my life by friends, family and my community. Some people have not been as lucky as me however.

I searched for a suitable charity for my event online and found BHT to be perfect for what I aim to achieve.

Sam Hughes, Home Grown Help event organiser

I believe in what BHT does and want money raised from this event to support BHT’s First Base Day Centre.

Tris O’Brien, FreakZone event organiser


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